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Buying a cake for Christmas is a Japanese tradition. But these cakes have a definite expiration date — no one wants to eat Christmas cake after December 25th. And no matter how attractive a woman is, it's said, no Japanese male will want to marry her after she's Thus, "Christmas Cake" is used as a metaphor term for a woman rendered unmarriageable because she is past the freshness of her youth; roughly equivalent to " Old Maid.

Even when the writers are sympathetic to the character, nagging to marry will still come from someone, usually her parents. A Cool Big Sis may be one, or heading there, usually with extreme annoyance; referring to this character as Oba-san is about as tactful as referring to someone as Ma'am and is likely to induce a rage. Sometimes this is just a device to explain them hanging around other characters younger than them. She tends to be very attractive but is relegated to cake status by annoying habits. The other problem occurs if she's also stuck in an Improbably Female Cast , a straight-up Chromosome Cast , or any such place where men are slim pickings.

The Competence Zone might force her to hang around and even fawn over men much younger than her.

[JAPAN] Tribute to Kumiko Goto - the most beautiful J-woman

Interestingly, the more unexpected the presence of the Christmas Cake is, the more likely her being one is emphasized as being an attractive point. If a character expresses this point in-story, he Likes Older Women. This is on its way to being a Discredited Trope : the latest Japanese census data shows that more and more people are marrying older, with most people under 25 remaining unmarried.

Many teens and young adults have never heard of the concept and many that have think it's old-fashioned. Having a character believing in the Christmas Cake concept may mark them as being likewise old-fashioned. Others just seemed to move the age up to match the times; "New Year's noodles" referring to Toshikoshi soba , generally eaten on New Year's Eve sets the upper limit at It's primarily the Japanese-culture specific variant of Old Maid , so Japanese entries should predominate this list.

Also, a woman being single and 25 years or older is not enough to qualify for this trope, even if they are Japanese. In order to fall under this trope, the woman must make a specific reference to the concept of "needing to have been married by a certain age" - typically by either having a complex about being older and unmarried, or making it clear that they don't believe in the concept of being "too old to marry". If the woman simply doesn't care, and isn't made to care by the plot, it doesn't count.

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If the trope itself is brought up but not in reference to any specific female characters, that counts as an example as well. If a non-Japanese entry is to be added, it must be one where the trope is discussed and where the age where an eligible bachelorette becomes a spinster is both specific and young 25 is still considered young in many cultures; it should be lower for a non-Japanese entry to count such that it stands out.

Another more modern, but no less blunt, term used in Japan is "urenokori", which is also a term for leftover unsold items in a store's inventory. Not to be confused with Fruit Cake. Not to be confused with being a lie , either. Compare and contrast with Stacy's Mom , an older character who has an excess of younger suitors. This one in particular is a double-duty insult, as it's also supposed to imply they're childish pretending to become something they can never be in real life. In an ironic twist, in North American anime fandom, it has completely flipped meanings.

No examples of this latter day meaning will be added here. To head off possible cross-cultural misunderstandings, traditional Japanese Christmas cake is a sponge cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, bearing no resemblance to the British-style fruitcake widely consumed at Christmas in Western countries, which is famous for its long long! Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.


Christmas Cake - TV Tropes

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Sawako Yamanaka from K-On! A running gag with her is that she desperately prays for a nice man to enter her life and when things don't go her way she throws all her troubles on the light music club. Part of this is because she's got a Sensei-chan rapport with the other members. Taeko Yasuko of Area 88 , Ryoko's loyal secretary. She is very sensitive about her age and exploded when someone hit on her since she thought he was making fun of her.

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Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa from Azumanga Daioh is nagged by mom and frequently teased by Yukari, despite the latter being a "cake" herself. Linna Yamazaki in Bubblegum Crisis has to deal with her parents who not only nag, but set up meetings omiai for her with potential partners. Emu Hino, the female lead from Crying Freeman. She was in her late 20's and a virgin by the time she met Yoh Hinomura and was set up for death. So, she asked the handsome and gentlemanly Yoh to take her virginity before killing her Mitsuka Yoshimine from DearS.

Nobody pays any attention to her. At all. Her love life is deader than a doornail. Detective Conan : Subverted.

Which turned out to cause a Wedding Deadline -like moment for her boyfriend , Detective Takagi. Really not helped by how the guy Satou Sr. Subverted in an earlier case, too. International strategy. British certification and tax relief. Search for Lottery awards. BFI Distribution. Read industry research and statistics. Find out about booking film programmes internationally. BFI Reuben Library. Future learning and skills. Education events at BFI Southbank.

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I want to…. Browse our education events. Use film and TV in my classroom. Read research data and market intelligence. Jasper Sharp Updated: 8 February Tanaka is equally important as the first Japanese woman to direct a significant body of work, making six films from Love Letter to Love under the Crucifix , although she only appeared, if at all, in minor roles in her own films. Tanaka is most fondly remembered for her roles for Kenji Mizoguchi , with 15 collaborations between and Her appearances in The Life of Oharu , which charts her relentless descent from imperial court attendant into penury and prostitution, as the abandoned wife in Ugetsu Monogatari and as the mother whose children are sold into slavery in Sansho Dayu resulted in three of the most poignant and beautiful films ever produced in Japan.

As the unwedded daughters or steadfast widows in the immaculate and deceptively simple films of Yasujiro Ozu , she was similarly immaculate and guileless. Ozu must have seen something of himself in her. There were rumours of her romantic involvement with the notoriously chaste director, but Hara never married, and, despite intense press speculation, was never linked romantically to anyone.

When Ozu died in , the year-old Hara held a press conference to announce her retirement. For the rest of her life, she disappeared from public view. The period after the American Occupation led to a rise in diversity in movie distribution thanks to the increased output and popularity of the film studios of Toho , Daiei , Shochiku , Nikkatsu , and Toei. Each director dealt with the effects the war and subsequent occupation by America in unique and innovative ways.

It was also the breakout role for legendary star Toshiro Mifune. There was also a black-and-white version of this film available.

Tokyo File was the first American feature film to be shot entirely in Japan. The lead roles were played by Florence Marly and Robert Peyton. It featured the geisha Ichimaru in a short cameo. Suzuki Ikuzo's Tonichi Enterprises Company co-produced the film. The year saw two of Japan's most influential films released. The first was the Kurosawa epic Seven Samurai , about a band of hired samurai who protect a helpless village from a rapacious gang of thieves.

Though edited for its Western release, Godzilla became an international icon of Japan and spawned an entire subgenre of kaiju films, as well as the longest-running film franchise in history. The trilogy was completed in , with A Soldier's Prayer. Kenji Mizoguchi, who died in , ended his career with a series of masterpieces including The Life of Oharu , Ugetsu and Sansho the Bailiff Mizoguchi's films often deal with the tragedies inflicted on women by Japanese society.

The Blue Ribbon Awards were established in The number of films produced, and the cinema audience reached a peak in the s. A typical program picture was shot in four weeks. The demand for these program pictures in quantity meant the growth of film series such as The Hoodlum Soldier or Akumyo.

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The huge level of activity of s Japanese cinema also resulted in many classics. Akira Kurosawa directed the classic Yojimbo. Kon Ichikawa captured the watershed Olympics in his three-hour documentary Tokyo Olympiad Seijun Suzuki was fired by Nikkatsu for "making films that don't make any sense and don't make any money" after his surrealist yakuza flick Branded to Kill The s were the peak years of the Japanese New Wave movement, which began in the s and continued through the early s.