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Are any rooms of the house permanently off-limits? Include your family on the decisions so everyone is on the same page.

Teach Your Puppy These 5 Basic Commands

Buy some of the basics ahead of time, so you both and your dog can settle in without too many mad dashes to the store. The kitchen is often a good choice; you can block it off with baby gates if needed. Puppy-proof to make sure anything that could hurt your dog—medicines, chemicals, certain plants—is out of reach. Ideally, you can take a few days to a week off work to get your new dog or puppy settled in and to start house training.

5 Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

Shop around for dog walkers, pet sitters, or doggy daycare in your area. Rely on friends and family for word of mouth recommendations. Dog Walker VS. Pet Sitter: Which Is Best?

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Group obedience classes are great for bonding with your new dog and for learning how to communicate with and train them. These classes are especially recommended for young puppies, since they give pups a chance to get comfortable being around other canines and people—a key part of raising a safe, friendly dog. Find a helper to come along when you go to pick up your dog.

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Even adult dogs can get nervous—and a terror-filled car ride can turn into a long-lasting phobia of car travel. If your dog is used to a crate, you can place them in the crate for the ride home. Here are a few tips.


For a shy puppy or dog, being taken to a new place and then deluged with lots of loud, lively strangers can be really overwhelming. The first day or two, keep the mood mellow and calm.

Bringing Home a New Puppy

Hold off on inviting guests over until your pup settles in. The earlier you start, the faster and easier it will be to teach good manners, and the better the lessons will stick.

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They can urinate spontaneously when they get excited, so take your puppy out frequently if it has been active, playing or exploring. You may find it useful to keep a record of when your puppy eats sleeps, urinates and defecates.

How to teach your puppy to toilet out on a walk

A simple diary list will do. Repeat cue words like 'wee wees' and 'poo poos' or 'be busy' and 'be clean' while the puppy is actually urinating or defecating.

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Use different words for each action so that you will be able to prompt the puppy later on. Always go with your puppy into the garden so you are there to reward and attach the cue words to the successful actions! Fortunately, puppies are creatures of habit, so as long as you introduce the garden to your puppy as its toilet area early on, you should be able to avoid most of the common pitfalls.

Unfortunately there are many reasons why 'toilet training' might not go as smoothly as it could, so make sure you do not make any of the following mistakes:. Many owners appear disappointed that their young puppy will not toilet when out on a walk, yet relieves itself the second it gets back home. To break this habit, you will have to get up very early one morning when you have plenty of time , and get your puppy out on a walk before it has had its morning wee.