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To pardon a criminal. To adhere to one's opinion. I will hazard a thousand dollars in this convoy. To make an end of an affair. It is an endless affair. At this rate you will never finish. He has just arrived.

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It is fresh from. He lost all he possessed at the gam- ing-table. The lawsuit ruined him completely. The candle is flickering. At the moment of death. He has departed this life. To-morrow's remedy avails little for to-day's misfortune ; apply your remedy before it is too late. Rash courage and good wine are soon ended ; those who love peril will try it once too often. There is an end to it ; i. To regale and remunerate a person. That which a year does not bring us, a moment may.

To accept a bill of exchange. To favor particular persons. Achicar la bomba. Aclarar la voz. Acodillarse con la carga.

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Acometer con dinero. Tiempos hay de acometer, y tiempos de retirar. Acomodarse al tiempo. Acordarse remotamente. En tierra ajena, la vaca al buey acor- nea. Acosado de hambre. Aconsejarse mejor. Acostarse con las gallinas. To pump the -waXer from a ship. Very much exaggerated. To ask foolish questions on pretence of not understanding. To clear the throat. Not to be able to fulfil one's engage- ments.


To take refuge. Do not trust any one lest he may turn traitor. To try to bribe a person. When two cowards fight, he who attacks conquers. There is a time to attack, and a time to retreat.

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  • To be content with the present state of things. That is a very old story, or thing. To close, or agree with one. To have a confused recollection. Those who attain prosperity often forget the day of small things. To tune instruments. The ox that gored me threw me into a better place ; apparent evil of- ten leads to good. Helpless people are often insulted by their inferiors. Pinched with hunger. To think better of it. To fall on either side said of a bal- ance.

    Como hacer una telaraña. telaraña para Halloween.

    Those who trust incompetent per- sons will suffer for it. To go to bed with the chickens, early. Acotar estorbos.

    The Jungle (Webster's Spanish Thesaurus Edition)

    Los acreedores me acribillan. Acudir al reclamo. Adelantar como el cangrejo. La verdad adelgaza, pero no quie- bra. Adentellar una pared. Adivino de Valderas, cuando corren las canales que se mojan las car- reras. tw/data/dicts/ | Fossies

    Administrador que administra, y en- fermo que se enjuaga, algo traga. Afanar, afanar, y nunca medrar. Afanarse por nada. Go to bed supperless, and you will wake without debt. I commend myself to God. To avoid obstacles. My creditors torment me. She paints, and tries to conceal her age. To reach one's goal. To hoard up money. Brothers- and sisters-in-law are al- ways at variance. To charge a person with a capital crime. To file a complaint. To feel remorse.

    Forward with the cross! Not to advance a hair's breadth in an affair. To retrograde. To advance like a crab. The truth may be hidden for a time, but is sure to be divulged. To leave toothing stones or bricks by which to continue a wall. To take a prejudiced view ; to be biased.

    Wonderful discovery, that when the sun has set, the donkey is left in the shade. Money is apt to stick to the fingers of trustees. A remedy, in order to be effectual, should be applied promptly.

    The Project Gutenberg eBook, La Tribuna, by Emilia Pardo Barzán

    Ill-gotten gains never prosper. Much toil and little profit. To fidget. Afilar el ingenio.