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Streptomyces coelicolor contains paralogous versions of seven ribosomal proteins S14, S18, L28, L31, L32, L33, and L36 , which differ in their potential to bind structural zinc.

Zur controls the expression of three transcriptional units including rpmG2, rpmE2, rpmB2, rpsN2, rpmF2, and possibly rpsR2. Zur also controls the expression of the znuACB operon, which is predicted to encode a high-affinity zinc transport system.

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Zinc-responsive regulation of alternative ribosomal protein genes in Streptomyces coelicolor involves zur and sigmaR. We show that the level of expression of four transcriptional units encoding C - proteins is elevated under conditions of zinc deprivation. Surprisingly, the zinc-responsive control of the rpmG3-rpmJ2 operon is dictated by sigma R , a sigma factor that was previously shown to control the response to disulfide stress in S. The induction of sigma R activity during zinc limitation establishes an important link between thiol-disulfide metabolism and zinc homeostasis.

Ein Blick ins Licht.

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This book is a German translation, by A. Ehlers, of the American original "Seeing the light. Optics in nature, photography, color, vision, and holography", published in Contents: 1. Die Haupteigenschaften des Lichts. Grundlagen der geometrischen Optik.

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Spiegel und Linsen. Kamera und Fotografie. I: Wie das Bild erzeugt wird. Optische Instrumente. II: Bildverarbeitung. Streuung und Polarisation. Ein Blick in die moderne Physik. Thousands of patients suffering from psoriasis have been treated successfully in the Dead Sea area by climatological methods, without medication.

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In order to broaden our knowledge of the UV radiation environment at the Dead Sea, continuous monitoring of UV both B and A and global radiation has recently been initiated at two sites-- Ein Bokek located in the vicinity of the Dead Sea m below mean sea level and Beer Sheva m above mean sea level --to facilitate an intercomparison of their respective radiation intensities.

The results of the first year of a detailed study of the global, UVB and UVA radiation intensities measured at both sites are summarized and reported in terms of the monthly average daily, average midday and the corresponding maximum values.

The radiation data for clear days based upon the absolute magnitude of the global radiation were also analyzed to perform an intercomparison between Ein Bokek and Beer Sheva for a winter month and a summer month for which all three types of radiation data were available at both sites. Anwendung und Pflege des neuen Systems dienen soil, wenn die entscheidenden Vorgaben bereits durch die Deckelung gegeben sind.

Oder denkt man an den Software und die da- mit verbundenen Lizenzgebuhren, sondern auch in der Folge um die Schulung der Mitarbeiter sowie die Pflege und Weiterentwicklung Es mossen jedoch klare. Hinderniserkennung und -verfolgung mit einer PMD-kamera im automobil. Nach einem initialen Filterprozess werden im Tiefenbild mit Hilfe eines Bereichswachstumsverfahrens Hindernisse gesucht.

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Gedanken und Experimente nach Einstein, Podolsky und Rosen. Physikalische Systeme sind im Prinzip separierbar. Diese erweisen einmal mehr die Quantenmechanik als richtige Theorie. Thoughts and Experiments after Einstein, Podolsky and RosenSince the advent of quantum mechanics there have been attempts of its interpretation in terms of statistical theory concerning individual classical systems. The very conditions necessary to consider hidden variable theories describing these individual systems as classical had been pointed out by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen in 1.

Physical systems are in principle separable. If it is possible to. The 15th volume of the Acta Historica Astronomiae is at the same time the fifth collection of essays on the history of astronomy Beitraege zur Astronomiegeschichte, Band 5 , edited by the historians of astronomy W.

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Besides a few short notices and book reviews, the book contains 11 major articles, which deal with astronomical topics covering the time from the 16th to the 20th centuries. The first article, on the analysis and interpretation of historical horoscopes as a source of the history of science, is based on the inaugural lecture of its author, Guenther Oestmann. After a general introduction, which deals with the principles of horoscope making, the author discusses the horoscope of Count Heinrich Ranzau , the Danish governor of Schleswig-Holstein, who was a friend of Tycho Brahe.

Oestmann shows that the astronomical-mathematical basis of such a horoscope can be reconstructed and interpreted. However, it is hardly possible to gain an insight in the process how the interpretation of a horoscope was done in detail. The second and third articles, by Franz Daxecker, deal with Athanasius Kircher and Christoph Scheiner, two catholic astronomers of the 17th century.

Kircher's Organum Mathematicum is a calculating device that can be used in the fields of arithmetic, geometry, chronology, astronomy, astrology and others. The author provides extracts of the description of the Organum taken from a book by Caspar Schott, which deal with chronology and astronomy. A photograph of the Organum indicates that this tool consists of a set of tables glued on wooden or cardboard, but details of its contents and applications remain pretty obscure for the reader - a few elaborated examples would have been helpful.

The second paper deals with the life of Christoph Scheiner SJ, the co-discoverer of sunspots next to Galileo , after leaving Rome in - the year of the Galileo trial. Scheiner spent his later years in the Austrian and. Effect of hypergravity on lignin formation and expression of lignin-related genes in inflorescence stems of an ethylene-insensitive Arabidopsis mutant ein Our previous studies have shown that hypergravity inhibits growth and promotes lignin forma-tion in inflorescence stems of Arabidopsis thaliana by up-regulation of genes involved in lignin biosynthesis Tamaoki et al.

In the present study, we have examined whether ethylene is involved in these responses using an ethylene-insensitive Arabidopsis mutant ein Our results revealed that hypergravity treatment at G for 24 h significantly inhibited growth of inflorescence stems, promoted both deposition of acetyl bromide extractable lignin and gene expression involved in lignin formation in inflorescence stems of wild type plants. Growth inhibition of inflorescence stems was also observed in ein However, the effects of hypergravity on the promotion of the deposition of acetyl bromide lignin and the expression of genes involved in lignin formation were not observed in ein , indicating that ethylene sig-naling is involved in the up-regulation of the expression of lignin-related genes as well as the promotion of deposition of lignin by hypergravity in Arabidopsis inflorescence stems.

Probleme aus der Physik. Das beliebte Arbeitsbuch "Probleme aus der Physik" bietet nun auch zur Neu hinzugekommen ist ein Kapitel zur nichtlinearen Dynamik. Nasir al din al-Tusi was one of the most important universal scholars of Islam. As a convinced Aristotelian, he rejected Ptolemy's modifications of the Aristotelian dogma of uniform circular motion.

He created a theory of lunar motion which is only based on uniform circular motion, and which results in the same representation of lunar motion as conceived by Ptolemy. He successfully attempted to consciously preserve, and not to correct, an error of Ptolemy's theory the doubling of the earth-moon distance in the syzygies as compared to the quadratures. We explain the Tusi mechanism and point out its philosophical consequences the unwanted dissolution of the difference between the extra- and intralunar world.

Parental stress is increased in clinical contexts e.


In addition, parental stress can result in a biased parental perception of child's behavior and emotions. As expected, increased EBSK scores were overrepresented in the clinical sample. In both samples stressed parents reported having children with more behavioral and emotional problems. Children of stressed parents in turn reported significantly less problems than their parents did.

The rating of independent third persons, e.

Restrictions in methodology and conclusions for practice are discussed. Hydraulische Optimierung des Reaktionsraumes um einen Infiltrationsbrunnen zur unterirdischen Enteisenung. In subsurface iron removal SIR , oxygen-enriched water is injected into an aquifer to create a reaction zone. Ahrns et al. The optimized injection regime was adopted conceptually in a pilot SIR test.

An inflatable packer was used to manipulate the outflow distribution. The packer was inflated before the injection phase then evacuated with a vacuum pump before pumping while remaining inside the casing. Cycles with conventional injection were performed first and iron breakthrough was monitored in the pumped water.

Although the study site was unfavorable for SIR because of the unfavorable low alkalinity pH in the re- and infiltrate decreased down to 4. This was not considered in the simulation and iron concentrations were above the limits commonly used in practice. However, the overall use of an optimized injection will still be presented.

Analysis of migration of press-fit porous-coated acetabular components with medial lucencies using Ein -Bild-Roentegen-Analyse. A total of patients who underwent total hip arthroplasty hips with press-fit acetabular components were evaluated for the presence of medial radiographic lucencies. Thirty patients Migration, measured by EBRA, was not observed during the first 6 months when the radiolucencies were noted to disappear.

After 2 years, the mean total migration was 0.

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Our results indicate that disappearance of a medial radiolucency seen on early postoperative radiographs is not associated with component migration, which supports the concept that the medial radiolucency fills in with bone or represents bony remodeling around a stable implant.

Three engraved limestone plaquettes from the recently excavated Epipaleolithic open-air site Ein Qashish South in the Jezreel Valley, Israel comprise unique evidence for symbolic behavior of Late Pleistocene foragers in the Levant. The engravings, uncovered in Kebaran and Geometric Kebaran deposits ca.

Some of the engravings closely resemble roughly contemporary European finds interpreted as "systems of notations" or "artificial memory systems"-records related to timing of seasonal resources and associated aggregation events of nomadic groups. Moreover, similarly looking signs and patterns are well known from the context of the local Natufian-a final Epipaleolithic culture of sedentary or semi-sedentary foragers who started practicing agriculture.

The investigation of the engravings found in Ein Qashish South involves conceptualizations developed in studies of European and local parallels, a selection of ethnographic examples and preliminary microscopic observations of the plaquettes. This shows that the figurative and non-figurative images comprise a coherent assemblage of symbols that might have been applied in order to store, share and transmit information related to social and subsistence realms of mobile bands.

It further suggests that the site functioned as a locality of groups' aggregation and indicates social complexity of pre-Natufian foragers in the Levant. While alterations in social and subsistence strategies can explain the varying frequency of image use characterizing different areas of the Late Pleistocene world-the apparent similarity in graphics and the mode of their application support the possibility that symbol-mediated behavior has a common and much earlier origin.